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Where Functional Nutrition Meets Next-Level Skin Care

We aim to guide you toward optimal health and glowing skin by focusing on the root cause of your concerns and by treating them both internally and externally. By uniting modern technologies with traditional approaches we incorporate a whole body/whole life perspective. The blending of holistic nutrition with medical-grade skin care treatments results in radiance inside and out.

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Functional Nutrition

Using a holistic approach, our goal is to address the root cause of illness and skin conditions instead of just managing symptoms. We specialize in Metabolic Detoxification  and Gut Repair. Utilizing organic acid testing and targeted, high-quality supplements, we treat a variety of disorders such as autoimmune, thyroid and skin conditions.

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Advanced Skin Care

Using non-invasive and corrective facial treatments and equipment, our goal is to strengthen and build up the integrity of your skin. We can help you to achieve a more youthful glow, improve the texture of your skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

The Be. Experience Facial

A 90-minute results-driven facial that includes:
• Dermaplaning
• DiamondGlow treatment
• Red Light Therapy

Detox Programs

Reset. Renew. Re-energize. The question is not if you should detox, it’s when. Our 10 and 28-day detox programs are a science-based metabolic detoxification which will cleanse and purify your entire body. Removing harmful chemicals, pesticides and heavy-metals from the body will leave you feeling better than you ever thought possible.


Meet Tasha

“I am deeply compassionate about my work and truly want my clients to reach their goals. I understand it can be a long road, and I look forward to being with you each step of the way. I enjoy working with a diverse clientele, from individuals of all ages to families.

Taking your first step to optimal health can begin at any time, so whether you are a health enthusiast or just beginning your healing journey, I welcome the opportunity to work with you to accomplish your goal of complete health and vitality. “

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