Certified Nutrition Specialist

Certified Nutrition Specialist In Houston

Be Clinical Spa takes whole-body wellness to the next level by offering nutrition programs that work on all fronts. As functional certified nutrition specialists in Houston, Be. Clinical Spa can emphasize the importance of high-quality foods and phytonutrient diversity to address clinical imbalances and move people to the highest expression of health. In practice, the functional medicine approach is very different from a conventional physician’s approach in diagnosing a patient and prescribing a treatment plan.

For example, suppose a patient presents a conventional physician with signs of eczema, an inflammatory condition characterized by scaly, itchy skin. In that case, the physician will most likely prescribe several drugs and ointments that will suppress the immune system and lower inflammation in order to relieve symptoms. A functional nutritionist or functional medicine physician will ask the question, “WHY is the immune system reacting this way?” and dig a little deeper.

The patient above may have food allergies, toxin sensitivities, imbalanced gut health, or high stress levels that are triggering their eczema. A functional medicine practitioner would further investigate possible root causes.

Organic Acid Testing

Organic Acid Testing can indicate the functional need for specific nutrients, diet modifications, antioxidant protection, detoxification, and other therapies. Conventional medical doctors use a complete blood count (CBC) and a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) as routine testing to help rule out health problems in their patients. Functional medicine practitioners use an Organic Acid Test to identify imbalances occurring in the body that often PRECEDE abnormal findings on a CBC or a CMP.

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Organic Acids are abnormal concentrations in urine that can provide a functional marker for metabolic effects of micronutrient inadequacies, genetic polymorphisms, impaired enzyme function, toxic exposure, neuroendocrine activity and intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

To find out more about Organic Acid Testing and their advantages, we recommend reading the article: Organix® Comprehensive Profile – Urine from Genova Diagnostics.

Certified Nutrition Specialist in Houston

Root Causes — The 7 Core Imbalances

  • \1. Assimilation includes digestion, absorption, respiration, and the gut microbiome.
  • \2. Defense & repair refers to immunity, inflammation, and infection.
  • \3. Energy deals with energy regulation and mitochondrial function.
  • \4. Biotransformation & elimination involves toxicity and detoxification.
  • \5. Transport describes the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.
  • \6. Communication consists of neurotransmitters, endocrine, and immune messengers.
  • \7. Structural integrity encompasses everything from subcellular membranes to musculoskeletal structure.

Root Causes — The 7 Core Imbalances

Certified Nutrition Specialist

As a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Tasha Picciarelli, MS, CNS, LE’s goal is to address the root cause of disease rather than simply managing symptoms. The body can self-heal when supported by an appropriate whole-food diet and the intake of targeted high-quality supplements. Since each person is unique, functional nutrition uses a scientific, evidence-based approach to create treatment programs that allow for flexible and personalized care.

  • \Gut Repair
  • \Metabolic Detoxification
  • \Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • \Thyroid Hormone Imbalances (Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism)
  • \Autoimmune Disorders
  • \Inflammatory Conditions
  • \Candidiasis (Candida)

Personalized Nutrition Programs —
Get To The Root! At Be. Clinical Spa

Making major dietary or lifestyle changes is hard. That’s why we recommend consulting an experienced healthcare professional to guide you along the way. We are here to support you on your journey toward a healthier and happier life. You don’t have to do it on your own.

We offer complimentary consultations—in person or via Zoom. After this introductory meeting, a more extensive consultation may be required, which includes a complete medical history review and lab interpretations. After assessment, a personalized treatment plan will be created.

Call Be. Clinical Spa at 281.894.9992 to schedule your consultation with Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist Tasha Picciarelli, MS, CNS, LE.

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Whether you are looking for some hydration and relaxation or are in need of a more corrective facial treatment - such as microchanneling or a chemical peel – we’ve got you covered. Be. Clinical Spa offers only the best skin care treatments to help you reach your skin goals. We will work with you to build up the integrity of your skin on a cellular level. This results in healthy skin that is smooth, firm, even in tone, hydrated, strong, and free of acne, rosacea or melasma.

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