DiamondGlow Facial

What is A DiamondGlow Facial or Dermalinfusion?

The DiamondGlow facial is a noninvasive skin care resurfacing treatment that uses a diamond-tip treatment head to exfoliate, extract, and infuse the skin simultaneously. The DiamondGlow tip gently exfoliates the skin’s surface, while the vacuum feature cleanses and flushes the pores by extracting dirt, oil, and debris. While pores are open and most receptive, we administer medical-grade serums to hydrate and nourish the deep dermis layer of the skin.

DiamondGlow is highly customizable based on the needs and concerns of each patient. Whether you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, dark spots, or acne, your skin will be deeply nourished with antioxidants and vitamins to protect, hydrate, and rejuvenate. With DiamondGlow, we can help you achieve gorgeous, glowing skin with zero downtime.

DiamondGlow Facial Treatment

DiamondGlow Facial After 1 Treatment, Skin Appears:

  • \Brighter
  • \Fresher
  • \Smoother
  • \Clearer, with unclogged pores
  • \More even in tone

DiamondGlow Facial Can Treat:

  • \Dry skin
  • \Enlarged pores
  • \Oily skin
  • \Acne breakouts
  • \Hyperpigmentation
  • \Wrinkles and fine lines
  • \Sun damage and age spots
  • \Rough or uneven skin texture


Is DiamondGlow a new treatment or is it the same as Dermalinfusion or Silkpeel?
It’s all the same treatment. After Dermalinfusion was purchased by Allergan Aesthetics it was rebranded as DiamondGlow.
How is the DiamondGlow technology unique?

The DiamondGlow uses a diamond tip treatment head to simultaneously exfoliate the skin’s surface and extract dirt and debris from your pores while gently infusing a condition-specific serum deep into the dermis. Serums are customized to treat your specific skin needs and concerns.

Who is an ideal candidate for a DiamondGlow facial?
The DiamondGlow is safe for men, women and any skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale. Ideal candidates are anyone with fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring, large pores, blackheads or acne issues.
How often is a DiamondGlow treatment recommended?
We recommend monthly maintenance of 1 treatment per month to see continued improvement and glowing results. However, you can do this treatment as often as every 2 weeks, if preferred. DiamondGlow is a great treatment to get right before an event make the skin look fresh, hydrated and plump.
What areas of the body can be treated with DiamondGlow?
We can treat virtually any area on the face and body with DiamondGlow. The face and neck are treated as one area, and you can exfoliate and infuse under the eyes and lips. You can also treat the décolleté, hands, back, scars and stretch marks on any area of the body
Is there any downtime after a DiamondGlow treatment?
DiamondGlow is a noninvasive treatment with no downtime, so you can return to your daily activities right after treatment. You may be slightly pink, which will last about an hour.
Are there any savings for DiamondGlow users and Allē members?
You can now earn 150 Allē points for each DiamondGlow treatment that can be used for future savings.

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