Why We All Need to Detox

Imagine a glass being filled with water, if the water continues to flow the glass will become full, and the water begins to spill over. The glass has a limit to how much water it can hold. Our bodies work the same way, they have a limit to how many toxins they can handle before reaching its toxic load potential and becomes symptomatic. We are exposed to chemicals every day from before we are born until we die. In fact, newborn babies are born with 287 known toxins in their umbilical cords! These toxins are from food, air and the environment and they’re destroying our bodies, our brains and aging our skin.

There is NO way to avoid toxins, so we must support our body’s detoxification pathways so that when we’re exposed to these toxins they can be sufficiently eliminated. Whole-body detoxification is a very nutrient-intensive process, and requires a science-based detox protocol that supports all 3 phases of liver detoxification. This is crucial for safe and effective metabolic detoxification.

Symptoms associated with toxicity?

  • Mental and physical fatigue
  • Joint muscle aches/pains
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Food/chemical sensitivities
  • Abdominal pain, digestive issues

Toxicity has been linked to nearly every disease:

  • Food Allergies
  • Heart Disease
  • Digestive Issues
  • Dementia
  • Premature Aging

How to Detox?

  • Science-based nutritional detox program (10 or 28 days)
  • Exercise and sweat
  • Elimination diet

Reset. Renew. Re-energize. The question is not if you should detox, it’s when. Our 10 and 28-day metabolic detox programs are proven to cleanse and purify your entire body. Removing harmful chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals from the body will leave you feeling better than you ever thought possible! Call our office at 281.894.9992 to schedule your free nutrition consultation to learn more about detoxing. You can also join our Private Facebook Group: Be. Clinical Spa Detox Posse.

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